Xeomin is the new Botox

It’s finally here – the third competitor to Botox and Dysport in the botulinum toxin market. As one of the most established MedSpas in Portland, OR, we’re proud to offer Xeomin.

What’s the difference between the three products? Both Botox and Dysport have carrier proteins that surround the active ingredient, botulinum toxin type A. Once carried to their target, these proteins degrade and release the toxin. Xeomin, however, is a more “naked” protein in that it is essentially just the toxin. In dosing, it closely resembles the number of units used when Botox is applied.

What are the upsides? Theoretically, with fewer carrier proteins surrounding the toxin comes less development of antibodies against the products. Over time, some people become resistant to Botox and Dysport, and Xeomin may not only reestablish activity for those patients but also prevent the formation in the first place if that is what is consistently used.  Finally, the price of all three may gradually come down, making it more accessible to those interested in trying it.

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