Dysport vs Botox

While I do perform cosmetic surgery, most patients consult our clinic to explore non-surgical options for cosmetic facial rejuvenation. The most common request is Botox or Dysport. The discussion usually ends in trying to decide whether Botox or Dysport is more effective and what the differences are.

First, both Botox and Dysport are forms of botulinum toxin. They work on the basic premise that most wrinkles occur when a muscle is moving and the skin has lost elasticity (from damaged collagen), so it bunches up with movement instead of flowing freely with the underlying muscle. You therefore have 2 strategies: tighten the skin (either surgically or with a CO2 laser) or make the muscle not move. No movement = no wrinkle. That’s where Botox and Dysport come in.

Generally speaking, the products are extremely similar in the end result. One has to use fewer units of Botox to achieve the same result as Dysport, but the price of Dysport per unit is lower so the end price is similar. While there aren’t a lot of studies to show this, my personal feeling is that Botox gives a more pinpoint weakness and Dysport spreads a little bit more. I use both products, but I recommend a product based on where I’m using it. Also, there’s a likelihood that Botox users have a slightly increased change of having a headache for a day (although this still isn’t common).

Shortly, we’ll have a new product on the market (Xeomin), that we will explore in future posts, so stay tuned!

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